Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tickle Monster

Today's gift is tickle monster.

Have you read this adorable book? I think it is one of my favorite books my children have now. I remember being tickled as a child, just like I tickle my children today. I think the best part of tickling them is hearing their sweet laughter. The laughter that comes from a tickle is like none other...especially the deep belly laugh.

My daughter does not laugh when she is is like she is not ticklish. Not on her belly, above the knee, under her arms, under her chin, on her where. My other two children start squirming just at the word tickle.

I often wondered if tickle to her was just like in she doesn't experience it on the same level as most.

Until yesterday and today.

We tickled her while we were playing around and the sweetest giggle emerged! A giggle we haven't heard before...a giggle with her eyes squeezed shut like she was anticipating the next tickle...a giggle we have longed to hear from her!

Here is one of my favorite parts of the book...does it bring back memories from when you were a kid or memories of you tickling your children?

For my crowning achievement I' ll tickle your toes, and your elbows and your knees, your neck and your nose. And your earlobes, eyebrows and your chin quite a tally, I'll tickle them all for my big grand finale! - excerpt from The Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett

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