Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fun Snow Day

Today's gift is a fun snow day.

We didn't get the call until 6:30 (ish) this morning that school was closed.  My kids get up they were already up for the day.  However, my daughter with special needs had fallen back to sleep (since she was up at 5:00) and I had just woken her up to give her her medicine she takes before breakfast.

I couldn't believe it...she could still be sleeping...

When I went in to get her up to bring her down for our normal time...she had fallen back to sleep.   I was so excited (and jealous) for her!  At least someone could take advantage of sleeping in.

The kids and I had a pajama day.  It was also a day where we would be helping each other out too and they knew this included helping me out with their sister.

I remembered around 10:00 that I had defrosted a pork loin and I wanted to try a new crock pot recipe. In order to get it in the crock pot, I was going to need the help of all three of my kids...the oldest one to listen and play with the younger two and the younger two to entertain their sister.

Not only did they play well with each other...they did so for an hour!!!  I love when they play with her...they will not do things she wants until she tells them verbally if they know she knows the word.  I think they are tougher with her sometimes than I am!

They were playing so nicely with one another I not only got dinner in the crock pot (it was delicious by the way!), I also made them apple cinnamon muffins for a morning snack!


Here are some pictures I took of them playing with her in the playroom.  She had to count to three and then say "go" and their name in order for the other one to push the chair off the sofa...which prompted a laugh out of my daughter!  Before this game, they were playing pass the ball...and saying a name and then bouncing it to that person.

Here is a video of the action too!!!

My oldest daughter is just like me...a sun she and I stayed inside today, while my youngest two definitely earned play time in the snow.  While they were outside playing in the cold, we were cuddled up by the fire, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original version), playing games and making hot chocolate for her siblings when they came in!

Snow days don't always have to be about the snow...especially in our house...but we enjoy them nonetheless!

Here is a quote for today...

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever- Walt Disney

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