Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Celebrity Crush

Today's gift is a celebrity crush.

Every tween, preteen, teen....heck...pretty much every age girl has some sort of celebrity crush.  Why would it be any different for my daughter?

It isn't!

As you know from previous posts, she loves looking at books, yearbooks, picture magazines are no different.  Tonight after my husband came home from work and ate his dinner, he walked outside to get the mail.  When he walked back in, he told my daughter she had a piece of mail.

It was her teeny bop magazine!  A dear friend who knows the love my daughter has for pictures, magazines and celebrities gave her a subscription for Christmas.  It was one of the best presents.  She truly looks forward to it every month and it brings her constant joy!

You should have seen the smile on my daughter's face when he walked it over to her showing her the center poster.  It was as if Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis were walking straight to her!

She has always had the same celebrity crush on one particular band member and I wanted to see if it was still the same.  I asked her, "who is your favorite"....and she pointed right to him...with no hesitation!


She is so she is going to point to Zayn!

And here she is pointing to him...again!

In case you do not know which one is Zayn, he is the second from the right.

He has been her main pick since day one and things haven't changed.  Her desk at school has him hanging up in her work area, as well as, she has a poster of him in her room.

She had the best time flipping through the magazine tonight and pointing him out in pictures!  I love how even though she can not tell me verbally who she likes, I still know and understand her celebrity crush!  I was once 11 1/2 too...I also was into boy bands....I also liked looking at teeny bop magazines and filling my walls with their pictures.  I love how she can share a joy I too enjoyed during my tween years!

Here is a quote for tonight....

We wanna live while we're young- One Direction

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