Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Little Things #8

Today's gift is the little things...#8.

I remember shopping with my mom at the beginning of each new season for clothes and being so excited to wear them!  I remember our shopping trips and trying on tops, bottoms and shoes galore....and wanting to buy...all of it!  I still do!

Shopping for my daughter is not the same as when I went shopping with my mom.  Instead of taking her to the store, I buy the items at the store in different sizes, bring them home and see which ones fit...if any.  Or I order them online and have them shipped directly to me...which is easier all the way around.

I miss being able to take her I did and do.  Of course I take her to the mall, but it isn't the same.  Picking out what she likes is the easy part.  It is trying the clothes on which is difficult.

Remember my post about her picking out the swimsuits she wanted...well they arrived!  Tonight we tried one on and she looks adorable in it!  Not only did she look adorable....we tried it on...without her getting upset!

This is one of four she picked out!

To get to this point, it did not happen over night.

I remember trying clothes on her used to be more of a chore than anything else.  She didn't like it and would let you know.  I would try a bottom one day and a top the next.  It would takes days to try on a bag full of clothes.  It was not fun!  And many times she would end in a behavior.  She didn't like the constant transitioning from one outfit to the next.  It was too much for her.

Getting dressed is also physically hard for her.  She requires assistance getting dressed and undressed, and she is stiff (when she wants to be...and getting dressed is not a favorite thing to she locks her body up...used too), making getting clothes on and off a little challenging.  I see why she didn't like it.

However, she still had to try the clothes on to get ready for the next season.

Today, I am happy to report the days of not wanting to try on clothes is OVER!  I don't know if it was the repetition of always having her try clothes on.  I don't know if it was the fact I started buying the same pants/shorts in different colors so she only had to try one pair on to see if it fit.  Same with the tops.  I don't know if she just decided she likes to try clothes on now.  I don't know....

Or it could be a combination of all of the above.

Whatever the reason, I am thrilled for her and me!  The last thing I want to do is make her me.  And having someone who is not fighting you like an octopus to try on clothes makes getting ready for the next season more enjoyable.  Now if only the weather would cooperate....we are READY for SPRING!

Here is a quote for today...

All great changes are preceded by chaos- Author Unknown

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