Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bonding with Midnight

Today's gift is bonding with Midnight.

My daughter bonded with our dog today, but in a new way.

Usually she will let him sit next to her for a little while before she will pull his fur or which he gets up and moves. Today was different.

My daughter was on the sofa watching one of her shows and Midnight climbed up and sat next to her. He sat next to her for the longest time yet (at least 30 minutes) without my daughter doing anything to him other than resting on him! It was incredible to see! It was like they were buddies.

Sorry for the weird eyes on Midnight!

We have always wanted them to have a special bond and I think they are starting to form their own way. I know Midnight realizes she needs extra attention as he has started to act more protective around little ways. At the same time, I think my daughter is starting to realize how comforting he is to her.

To see them together today, made my day! I love that she has her own puppy now.  And I know they love each other too!

Here is a quote for today...

Happiness is a warm puppy- Charles M. Schulz

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