Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today's gift is agreeing appropriately.

My gift short and sweet.

My middle daughter enjoyed the afternoon and evening out as she is at a sleepover birthday celebration. After we dropped her off my son asked if we could go to one of our family's favorite restaurants for dinner. We said we didn't see why not, but we had to run some errands first.

As we were driving around my husband commented on how nice it was in the car without the youngest two bickering about the littlest things...they are always annoying one another. Before I had a chance to agree, as the car ride was refreshing, my daughter responded with a loud "yeah"! We looked at each other and then said to her, "it is nice not to hear them argue over silly things isn't it". And she said, "Yeah" again followed by a giggle.

She knows how annoying it is too!

I love how she was listening so intently to our conversation and was able to voice her thoughts too...appropriately!

Here is a quote for today....

Let life surprise you- Author Unknown

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