Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Worrying about a Friend

Today's gift is worrying about a friend.

Today was a PT (physical therapy) day.  As you know from previous posts, my daughter loves going to PT.

She did great today and she did everything they asked, but she was focused on a friend who also does therapy at the same time with a different therapist.  Her friend, was not in a happy mood, and my daughter was pretty concerned for her.  This was interesting for me to witness, as my daughter has never shown this side of herself....to this extent.

Usually, when someone is upset, she will be interested in them for a little while and either stop....or get upset herself.  Today, she was very concerned about her friend.

She kept looking over at her and if she was in a position to walk over to her...she would.

I love how my daughter showed sympathy and compassion today.  I love how she was worried and wanted to make sure she was okay.  I love how I was able to witness this level of concern she was having for a friend.

I sometimes wonder, does she worry if someone is upset...worry on the same level you or I would....and today I know the answer is yes....without a doubt.

Even though my daughter didn't get down on the ground and give her friend a hug, I know they understood each other's silence and "look" in each other's eyes.  Their lives are not easy, but it is nice to know they have a friend who completely understands.

Here is a quote for today....

I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish- Mother Theresa

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