Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Her Hairbrush

Today's gift is her hairbrush.

Not so much the brush...but rather what she did with it!

Tonight while I was blow drying her hair, she picked up her hairbrush and handed it to me!!!

This is a first!

After the first time, she kept picking it up and then tapping it on the floor...with rhythm, as if she were playing the drums.  She had quite the beat too!

I took a couple of pictures.  The one that interests me the most, is the first one.  Even after she picks up "something" she is interested in, she still goes back to wringing her if her hands were being attracted together again by two magnets!  The whole time she is wringing, she still holds onto the object in her hand...pretty talented...and I would think kinda painful?!?

The next picture is her tapping the brush on the her own beat.

I just love how she handed me her brush in an appropriate setting and at an appropriate time!  You never know when life is going to hand you little surprises...

Here is a quote for today...

Choose to shine- Author Unknown

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